Use These Top Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance


Here at Shari’s Ink, we’re all about work-life balance. In fact, it’s why the company was created.

Work-life balance is a hot topic lately. We’d like to offer some insight on how to achieve it through your career and personal choices.

Jobs Ranked the Best for Work-Life Balance

I recently read an article over at CNN Money detailing a study that ranked the best jobs for work-life balance. SEO manager, social media manager, digital marketing manager, marketing assistant, marketing analyst, web designer and content manager all made the list of top 25 jobs.

The following are the top five jobs for work-life balance and their salaries, according to the article:

  1. Data scientist: $114,808
  2. SEO manager: $45,720
  3. Talent acquisition specialist: $63,504
  4. Social media manager: $40,000
  5. Substitute teacher: $24,380

The study found no connection between salary and work-life balance. I’ve only provided them so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Also, if you’re looking for a job with work-life balance, opportunities for SEO managers and social media managers are on the rise, as even the smallest of businesses continue to establish an online presence.

Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Another recent article from Huff Post Business says that having friends at work can help increase your chances of reaching work-life balance. According to the article, employee engagement is directly related to work-life balance and having friends at work boosts engagement. So, having work friends ultimately leads to better work-life balance!

Not interested in having friends at work? Here are some other suggestions for achieving work-life balance:

  • Choose one of the careers mentioned above and try it for yourself. One of them may have the schedule or flexibility you’re looking for.
  • Schedule your free time so you don’t feel like it’s being wasted. Having a productive life outside of work may make you feel more fulfilled.
  • Find a way to work from home, even if it’s one day per week. Not possible in your current position? You can always try launching your own business! If it’s within your means, go for it.