How to Use Email Marketing to Reach Your Audience


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your intended audience.

A case study done by Reach Mail discovered that 90 percent of your audience sees your emails, as opposed to the 2 percent that see your Facebook posts. If you aren’t already, you should be integrating email marketing into your overall content marketing plan.

Successfully Integrating Emails into Content Marketing

The best way to integrate your emails with the rest of your content marketing is through e-newsletters. Use your blog posts in your newsletters, but don’t simply cut and paste.  Use a headline, a teaser sentence or question and a link to read more. This tactic should increase traffic to your website.

Using the Right Content

The kind of content and topics you include in your emails depend on two things:

  1. What you do. To draw potential customers, your e-newsletter should relate to your business, product, service, or code of values. If you’re a public relations firm and your emails are about cats, the reader probably won’t pay much attention to your services.
  2. Your audience. Chances are, you generally know who you’re writing for. Who is receiving your emails? Address them and why you’re writing to them. Emails to prospects are going to be different than emails to clients.

Getting People to Subscribe

Here are a few effective ideas to build your email list:

  • When you speak or present at a conference, hold a raffle. Have the members of the audience drop business cards in a bucket for a chance to win. In those business cards, you now have a collection of prospects.
  • Offer something of value in exchange for email addresses. For example, you could create a whitepaper that fulfills a need among your prospective clients.
  • Encourage your followers to subscribe on all of your channels. Your website, blog and social media (Facebook makes it especially easy with the “call to action” menu item) are all good places to ask people to subscribe.

With these tips, email marketing can extend the reach of your content beyond social media and blogging.