A Step-By-Step on Creating Mindblowing Original Content for Your Blog

Original Blog Content

If you haven’t blogged before, you’re probably wondering how to create awesome, original content.

When I first started my internship with Shari’s Ink, I was intimidated by the idea of creating original blog content because it was something I had never done before. However, after learning the basics, it’s a breeze. Below are my three tips for creating original blog content that’ll get your audience’s toes tapping.

See What’s Trending

Use an RSS feed and manage your Twitter lists to follow trending topics in your industry. What topics make frequent appearances? If you’re seeing a consistent topic in article after article, it’s worth a blog post.

Brainstorm Original Topics

Based on what you see trending in your lists, you can begin brainstorming topics you’d like to feature on your blog. Although your ideas can echo trending topics, always consider different angles. For example, you might notice that lists of social media tips are constantly appearing in your feed. From there, you could come up with ideas for your own social media tips such as, “Our Top 5 Social Tips to Increase Engagement” or “3 Tips for Your Best Social Marketing Plan.” Once you’ve generated enough topics, populate your editorial calendar to manage them.

Use Your Expertise

To create original content that’ll make people want to read YOU, use your own knowledge and experience. Personal expertise is what makes your content uniquely yours. Take inspiration from trending topics, but don’t just copy what everyone else is saying. Choose your own angle and use your own knowledge.

Sometimes, you won’t have the expertise it takes to write a blog post. If this happens, turn to your contacts for their professional insight. As an intern for Shari’s Ink, I don’t know everything there is to know about content marketing. When I’m writing a blog post that calls for information I don’t have, I interview Shari to get it.

If you need help managing or writing for a blog, see our post on blogging for business or feel free to contact Shari’s Ink.

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