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Whether you need help writing marketing materials, developing a social media strategy, or you’re seeking a freelance journalist, you can find it here.

Shari’s Ink: Copywriting & Creative Services LLC provides a variety of high-quality freelance writing services, editing support, social media strategy, and content marketing for businesses, publications, non-profits and authors.

Shari’s Ink Services:

[Please click on the service you’re interested in for more information on what’s offered.]

Services NOT OFFERED by Shari’s Ink:

There are a few services we do not offer, but have been asked about. For clarification, we do not offer the following services:

  • Technical writing
  • Video transcriptions
  • Writing academic essays, papers or assignments for you


All initial consultations and quotes are free. Contact Shari today to receive a free quote on your project, no strings attached!

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