Millennials: Give ‘Em a Chance


We’ve all heard concerns about millennials entering the job market—they’re entitled, lazy and social media obsessed.

As a millennial myself, I must insist this is a sweeping accusation that can’t possibly be true for everyone. Sure, millennials are more dependent on technology than past generations. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 83 percent of millennials reported sleeping with their phones. However, a more recent study shows that one-third of them have four-year degrees, making millennials the most educated group of young adults in history.

So, what can a tech-savvy, educated person bring to your business?  Here are a few good reasons to give millennials a chance:

1. Tech and social media

Millennials can make huge contributions to your business, especially in marketing and media.  Because they grew up in the tech age, they have a deep understanding of how technology works.

2. Your company will be up-to-date

More seasoned professionals shouldn’t be intimidated by millennials. In fact, they should welcome these new hires. Millennials can bring older generations up-to-date on technology.  They can also consult on social media and new trends.

3. Fresh ideas, new perspectives

Millennials will bring new ideas to any field.  Fresh ways of thinking ensure your brand doesn’t grow stale. When it’s time to hire, don’t turn away less experienced applicants. They could bring a new way of thinking to the table.

4. The younger market

Millennials can help target the younger market because they are the younger market. They understand how to reach them and what tactics work best. They’ll know what the younger market wants to see from brands, both in the real world and online.

How are millennials making a difference at your business?

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