Use These Top Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance


Here at Shari’s Ink, we’re all about work-life balance. In fact, it’s why the company was created.

Work-life balance is a hot topic lately. We’d like to offer some insight on how to achieve it through your career and personal choices.

Jobs Ranked the Best for Work-Life Balance

I recently read an article over at CNN Money detailing a study that ranked the best jobs for work-life balance. SEO manager, social media manager, digital marketing manager, marketing assistant, marketing analyst, web designer and content manager all made the list of top 25 jobs.

The following are the top five jobs for work-life balance and their salaries, according to the article:

  1. Data scientist: $114,808
  2. SEO manager: $45,720
  3. Talent acquisition specialist: $63,504
  4. Social media manager: $40,000
  5. Substitute teacher: $24,380

The study found no connection between salary and work-life balance. I’ve only provided them so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Also, if you’re looking for a job with work-life balance, opportunities for SEO managers and social media managers are on the rise, as even the smallest of businesses continue to establish an online presence.

Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Another recent article from Huff Post Business says that having friends at work can help increase your chances of reaching work-life balance. According to the article, employee engagement is directly related to work-life balance and having friends at work boosts engagement. So, having work friends ultimately leads to better work-life balance!

Not interested in having friends at work? Here are some other suggestions for achieving work-life balance:

  • Choose one of the careers mentioned above and try it for yourself. One of them may have the schedule or flexibility you’re looking for.
  • Schedule your free time so you don’t feel like it’s being wasted. Having a productive life outside of work may make you feel more fulfilled.
  • Find a way to work from home, even if it’s one day per week. Not possible in your current position? You can always try launching your own business! If it’s within your means, go for it.

Millennials: Give ‘Em a Chance


We’ve all heard concerns about millennials entering the job market—they’re entitled, lazy and social media obsessed.

As a millennial myself, I must insist this is a sweeping accusation that can’t possibly be true for everyone. Sure, millennials are more dependent on technology than past generations. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 83 percent of millennials reported sleeping with their phones. However, a more recent study shows that one-third of them have four-year degrees, making millennials the most educated group of young adults in history.

So, what can a tech-savvy, educated person bring to your business?  Here are a few good reasons to give millennials a chance:

1. Tech and social media

Millennials can make huge contributions to your business, especially in marketing and media.  Because they grew up in the tech age, they have a deep understanding of how technology works.

2. Your company will be up-to-date

More seasoned professionals shouldn’t be intimidated by millennials. In fact, they should welcome these new hires. Millennials can bring older generations up-to-date on technology.  They can also consult on social media and new trends.

3. Fresh ideas, new perspectives

Millennials will bring new ideas to any field.  Fresh ways of thinking ensure your brand doesn’t grow stale. When it’s time to hire, don’t turn away less experienced applicants. They could bring a new way of thinking to the table.

4. The younger market

Millennials can help target the younger market because they are the younger market. They understand how to reach them and what tactics work best. They’ll know what the younger market wants to see from brands, both in the real world and online.

How are millennials making a difference at your business?

How to Hire a GOOD Copywriter for Your Content Marketing

What is a copywriter

Are you starting your own business?  Are you a writer?

If you answered yes to the first question, but no to the second, it might be time to consider contracting a copywriter.  A copywriter can make sure you take the right steps as you start branding your new business.

What Is a Copywriter?

A copywriter can write anything you need when it comes to marketing your business.  For example, a copywriter can help you write your blog, social media posts, whitepapers, brochures, display ads, etc. What makes a professional copywriter so necessary is his or her understanding of “branding.” You want your company’s voice and messaging to remain consistent. That’s what helps set you apart from the competition.

When Should You Hire a Copywriter?

You should most certainly contract a copywriter if you’re launching a new business with a website and…

  1. You’re not a writer. Your website is how you make your first impression. Therefore, you want to make sure it’s done right. Just like you wouldn’t do your own payroll, you shouldn’t attempt to write your own website … or …
  2. You don’t have time. With everything you’re managing as a new business owner, you shouldn’t try to do this yourself. A copywriter will help you manage the things you don’t have time for, like your social media content or company blog.

If you’re first launching a business, we wouldn’t recommend hiring someone directly on staff.  Instead, consider contracting out. When you’re more established and making consistent money, hiring a full-time copywriter might be something to consider. You’ll be looking at a minimum of $40,000 for a good entry-level copywriter and up to $80,000 or more for a senior copywriter with at least 10 years of experience.

Who Should You Hire?

A good copywriter understands voice, brand, presence and how to use these aspects to reach your target audience.  Consistency is very important in the beginning stages of your business; it’s how your customers begin to recognize you.  So, what should you consider when looking to hire a copywriter?

  • Experience. This will determine the quality of writing you get and the price you will have to pay.
  • Style. You want a writer who fits your style. For example, someone who writes about fashion might not be a great fit to write about health insurance.
  • Previous work. Every copywriter, unless they’re just coming out of college, should have a portfolio. Use this to evaluate their voice and quality of writing.
  • Strategy. A copywriter should be more than just creative. He or she also needs to be highly aware of how the audience perceives certain messaging and the best ways to promote that messaging.

If you’re considering hiring a copywriter, feel free to contact Shari’s Ink for a free quote!

Meet Our First Intern, Siena Youngblood!


Hello! I’m Siena, intern at Shari’s Ink!

In May 2014, I graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in English. Just a couple of months later, I moved to Phoenix to gain new experiences and widen my horizons. Since moving here, I’ve been working as a server and focusing on myself, including my personal interests, to find a future career that I can be passionate about.

When I came across Shari’s job post for an internship with Shari’s Ink: Copywriting & Creative Services, I became excited at the prospect of learning more about a field in which I have always been interested.

I love to write and create content and I’ve become increasingly interested in social media marketing. I’m so grateful and delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with Shari and gain some awesome skills that will help develop my future career.

Fun facts about me!

  • Of all the places I have traveled, my favorite is Florence, Italy.
  • I have a 17-pound cat, and his name is Fella.
  • I drink so much coffee that I’m fairly certain I’m immune to caffeine.

When I’m not at my job or working on internship tasks, I keep myself busy with some personal side projects. I plan to start my own blog soon and I love to travel, so I spend a lot of time planning my next road trip or European adventure!

I hope to eventually create a career path that will let me practice all of my passions and I know I’m one step closer with this amazing opportunity under my belt. I look forward to sharing my creative content with all of you in the following months. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will! Until next time …

Women’s Equality Day: Celebrating Women in Business!

Women in Biz

Today is Women’s Equality Day and we’re celebrating women-owned businesses here at Shari’s Ink!

Once upon a time, women couldn’t own land, let alone a business.  So today, we’re celebrating our right to own things, run things and get things done. Because—yes, you guessed it—Shari’s Ink is owned by a woman.

We’re all about doing what we love on our own time.  Shari’s Ink was created in an effort to find a work-life balance based on individual wants and needs.  Serious business doesn’t mean giving up what you want most in life.  Yes, women can have it all.  We can have a serious career that allows time for the other things we love.

Here are some local businesses we love that are owned by women:


GreyCatDot Digital Design, owned by Diane Serpa:

Digital design by Diane Serpa includes anything from logos and ads to websites.  Diane loves to work with small, local and green businesses.  If that’s you, check it out!



Pedene Public Relations, owned by Paula Pedene:

Paula Pedene is a service disabled veteran who garnered national attention at her last gig as a public affairs officer for the Buffalo VA.  Paula can help you with all of your business’s PR needs, from social media to community relations.



Morin Web Design, owned by Cindy Morin:

Cindy Morin can help you build your small-business website, SEO included, at an affordable price.  She can also help with your e-marketing and content development needs.



Bloguettes, co-founded by Sakura and Lorena:

The Bloguettes are here to help with all of your blogging and branding needs.  They offer branding workshops and a variety of webinars to help you brand your blog or your business.



Femme La Brand, co-founded by Amy Pisani, Dala Al Fuwaires and Tessa Arias:

Femme La Brand is currently under construction but will soon be here to help “female solopreneurers do it all with grace.”


One last thing—did you know that your business can receive tax breaks for using minority-owned or veteran-owned businesses for supplies and other resources?  Something to look into!

Ghostwriting: Is It Worth Hiring Someone?


So, you’ve contemplated hiring a ghostwriter.

You know, one of those cheeky writers who can sound like anyone, from Indiana Jones to President Obama. As you may know, the key to ghostwriting—GOOD ghostwriting—is sounding like the person you’re writing for.

But that’s another blog post. Today, I want to concentrate on this question: is hiring a ghostwriter really worth it? Well, let’s see.

You Might Need Ghostwriting If:

  1. You play a key leadership role in a business, non-profit, or professional association.
  2. You’re expected to provide continuous messages and/or articles to those under you.
  3. You find yourself pulled 10 different directions each day, and wonder when you’ll have time to write or research.
  4. Your writing tasks feel like an extra chore, rather than a welcomed challenge.
  5. You have a lot to say, but don’t know how to express it in writing.
  6. You’re routinely missing important deadlines for your articles or messages.
  7. You want to hurry through your writing assignments and return to important things, like running your business or spending time with family.

Do any of these ring a bell? If so, ghostwriting might be for you.

How Ghostwriting Can Help

Ghostwriters are professional writers who can craft your messages for you. They can even coordinate directly with your association or business publications, ensuring you’re meeting every deadline.

If hiring a ghostwriter frees more time for your family, your business, or your leadership role, then investing the money is well worth the cost. Additionally, if you find a highly qualified writer, you can ensure your articles and messages will always sound clean, polished and professional.

In the near future, I’ll write another blog post outlining what to look for when hiring a ghostwriter. Therefore, don’t miss out!