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Here is what others are saying about working with Shari Lopatin:

Elizabeth Hillestad, Former Director of Communications, TriWest Healthcare Alliance

“Having worked with Shari for several years, I can attest to her extraordinary writing, editing, social media and media relations skills. Shari has such an exciting, fun and fresh perspective—and that voice is expressed in her writing. It has become her hallmark. She is highly adaptable to different communications media—from full length feature articles in print magazines, to engaging e-newsletter articles, to snappy social media posts. She knows how to connect with her audience and compel them to read on! Her positivity and enthusiasm for her work is inspiring and contagious. She is a joy to work with.”

Adam Klawonn, Former Managing Editor, PHOENIX Magazine

“Shari established herself as one of our primary freelancer writers at PHOENIX Magazine with a story about Jim Rattay, a highly successful high school football coach who had taken his strategy to one of the most socioeconomically challenging schools in Phoenix. From that story forward, Shari was always pitching interesting, quirky story ideas and was willing to take on assignments at short notice as well. Her writing was thoughtful, descriptive, lively, and encompassing of all the details a reader would want to know. She is on time and on budget, and I would not hesitate to hire her again for a writing assignment. Neither should you.”

Buck Barry, Author

“I would highly recommend Shari’s Ink for novel editing. Working through my novel, I found Shari to be highly professional and timely in her feedback. More importantly, from larger structural issues to detailed edits, Shari’s insight was very helpful. Shari also communicated well in offering critique and reinforcing strong points of my novel.”

Lara Smith, Former Manager of Corporate Communications and Beneficiary Education, TriWest Healthcare Alliance

“Shari is an exceptional writer and editor across a variety of mediums. She approaches her work with passion and vigor and her energy can be infectious. While at TriWest, Shari was instrumental in writing engaging and educational health and wellness articles, scripting videos, and developing a blog that reached 2.9 million military members and their families across 21 states. I highly recommend Shari… she would be a wonderful creative contributor to any marketing and communications team!”

Dr. Julie Conzelmann, Founder and Owner of Superior Editing Services

“As a member of the External Affairs Division for TriWest Healthcare Alliance, I collaborated with Shari often to provide details for her writing projects for TriWest Healthcare Alliance’s Beneficiary Education programs, military events, and media projects with outside military magazines, e-newsletters, and other social media projects. Shari has the ability to add a human touch when she writes about a variety of issues so that the reader connects with the topic. Shari is a true professional, but not without a sense of humor and adventure in her journalistic endeavors. It was my pleasure to work with Shari. I highly recommend Shari for her strength of character, thoughtfulness, honesty, and integrity as a colleague and professional journalist.”


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