3 Social Media Tips for the Holiday Season

Holiday s.m.

The holiday season is upon us! Social media is important for your growing business, so you should take advantage of the holiday opportunities. Below, we’ve shared our top three tips for resonating with your audience during the holidays.

1) Acknowledge the Holidays

Don’t ignore the holidays. You may be worried about offending people by addressing the holidays in a certain way. We’re here to tell you it probably won’t happen, so do whatever’s comfortable for you.

  • Happy Holidays! It’s all-inclusive and a safe bet if you’re still worried about offending anyone.
  • Merry Christmas! Don’t worry about getting a backlash with this one, because we’ve never witnessed one.
  • Acknowledge every holiday! Feel free to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and everything in between.

2) You Don’t Have to Post as Frequently

Around the holidays, most people aren’t paying as much attention to social media. They’re preparing and spending time with their families. If you’re doing the same and taking time off from social media, be sure to let your followers know. For instance, you could say something like, “We’re going to be offline for the next few days to spend time with our families. Happy Holidays!” Acknowledge your reasoning and encourage them to do the same.

3) Integrate Holiday Messaging into What You’re Selling

If you’re having sales or deals, don’t fall into commercializing your brand. Incorporate your holiday message into what you’re selling. If you’re promoting a service, does your holiday message fit with your brand messaging? For example, a company in the healthcare industry may choose to focus on avoiding weight gain during the holidays. However, this wouldn’t be a good focus for a company like Shari’s Ink, which operates in the creative services industry. Base your holiday messaging around your values and what you do.

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