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Whether you're a business owner who needs help with content marketing, a communications director who needs support for a large project, an author who needs editing for your novel, or an editor seeking freelance writers ... you can find it here.

At Shari’s Ink, we help businesses, publications, authors and non-profits reach their goals by providing high-quality freelance writing services, novel editing, social media strategy, and content marketing. We are located in Phoenix, Ariz.

We can write articles (journalistic or promotional) for your website or publication. We can develop and manage your content marketing strategy - including social media posts. We can publish e-newsletters or write your company's blog ... wherever you need help.

The majority of work is done by Shari Lopatin, owner of Shari’s Ink. Shari is a seasoned writer, journalist and storyteller with a decade of experience in media and communications.

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You're investing in your brand, and you deserve the best. Shari's Ink is committed to quality work.

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